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We believe in regular vaccinations for dogs, cats and rabbits. Sadly, the diseases that we vaccinate against are still a very real threat in the UK today. We constantly update our vaccination regimes to reflect the latest research, so we can be confident that your pet gets the protection he or she needs. Our vaccination protocols are outlined below


We vaccinate against parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza and leptospirosis. All these diseases are very serious and often fatal. These diseases can be spread WITHOUT contact with another dog, so we strongly recommend that puppies are not allowed out until they are fully protected.


We vaccinate puppies at or around 6 and 10 weeks old, with a minimum gap of  2 weeks between the two sets of injections. We advise that they won’t be fully covered until 1 week after their second vaccination.


In older dogs, we don’t vaccinate against everything every year, based on the latest research, but we do need to vaccinate against leptospirosis and parainfluenza every year,  and the others every 3 years . The yearly vaccination also includes a full health check, which is really important for your dog’s wellbeing.    



In cats we vaccinate against cat flu, enteritis and  feline leukaemia. Flu and enteritis can be spread through the air, so even house cats should be vaccinated against them.. We strongly recommend that outdoor cats are protected against leukaemia, as this is spread by cat to cat contact, or in saliva, and there is no treatment.. Yearly vaccination is advised for all three diseases.


We vaccinate kittens at 9 and 12 weeks of age, and advise that they will be protected 1-2 weeks after their second vaccination


Again, the yearly booster incorporates a full health check, which  can be  invaluable in identifying any other problems your cat may have.



Rabbits can be vaccinated against myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD). Even house rabbits could be at risk from these diseases, both of which are usually fatal, so please make sure your pet is covered. We vaccinate rabbits from around 10 weeks old, and then on a yearly basis. The two vaccines are given as a combined vaccine nowadays