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Sickness and diarrhoea are seen commonly in cats and dogs. If the animal is an adult, and seems otherwise well, our advice is usually to starve them for 24 hours, then feed a light diet. Water should be provided. A puppy or kitten  should be seen at the surgery sooner, as they can dehydrate more rapidly. Any animal which is depressed or has several bouts of vomiting and/or diarrhoea over one or two days should be seen by the vet or nurse.


Gastro-intestinal symptoms can be caused by a variety of factors, including diet change, viral infection, bacterial infection among others. Always bring your pet to see us if the symptoms persist or if you are worried. We would always prefer to see a pet and reassure you than risk him or her becoming seriously ill.


In rabbits and other small furry pets, diarrhoea usually requires an appointment the same day, if possible, as they can dehydrate quickly, and their more complex digestive system is very sensitive.


We are always happy to give advice over the telephone, so call us if you are at all worried about digestive upsets in your pet!


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