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We understand that it is stressful when your pet comes in for any kind of surgery, so here is a checklist of the pre-operative measures we take to ensure that your pet is ready for his or her procedure


- We ask that DOGS and CATS are starved overnight before pre-arranged surgery. This is to reduce the     risk of vomiting under the anaesthetic. RABBITS and RODENTS should NOT be starved. There is no need to deprive your pet of water.


- We usually perform surgery in the morning, after morning consultations, so that your pet can be            recovered and able to return home the same day. You will be asked to bring your animal into the clinic first thing, where he or she will be checked over by a vet or nurse, to ensure they are in the best possible health on the day. Please tell us of any concerns regarding your pet’s general health at this time


-Once your pet has been checked, he or she will be admitted to our kennels, where they are given  pre-   anaesthetic medication. This will relax your animal, as well as reducing the amount of anaesthetic he or she will subsequently need. Lots of people worry that their pet will be stressed and anxious away from them, but the sedation we give means that they will be calm and at ease.


- In pets aged over 7, or where there are underlying health problems, we may ask you if you want us to   carry out a pre-operative blood test on the day, before we go ahead with surgery. This allows us to check that your animal’s liver and kidneys are functioning properly, and that there are no complicating   health issues before we anaesthetise your pet. This is done quickly and easily in the in-house laboratory, and if the results of the blood test are fine, we will go ahead with the procedure. If not, we will call you to discuss what to do next.


- We will ask you to call us in the early afternoon to see how your pet is, and we will give you an                  appointment to speak to the vet when you come to collect your pet.


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