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I think people often underestimate how much character and personality these little creatures can demonstrate! I have known owners feel silly bringing them to us, but please don’t!  There are many conditions with which we can help them, and they deserve healthcare as much as any other pet.


All of them can be susceptible to mites, even though their bedding is clean. They can usually be treated with anti-parasite injections, but may require a few treatments to clear any subsequently hatched eggs


They can develop overgrown incisors (front teeth), which can require clipping, however this is not as common as some people think, and we tend not to clip teeth unless they are misaligned. Many owners are surprised at the length of their pet’s teeth when they look closely, but unless they are causing problems with eating they are probably fine!


Rats and mice are prone to tumours, often malignant, so any lumps or bumps should be checked out, and possibly removed. Anaesthetics used to be a far bigger problem in these little guys than they are now and, with good supportive care during and after the operation, we usually have good success with surgical procedures. Hamsters can be  prone to a nasty skin cancer which is sadly untreatable and painful if left.


Other commonly seen problems are wet-tail (hamsters), caused by bacterial infection, respiratory problems (more common in older rats) and eye infections. Gerbils can develop a mass on their tummy which is benign, and related to a gland, but can be removed if getting very large and problematic.


We welcome all sorts of small furries in our practice, and take their health problems seriously. If we are unsure about any aspect of your pet’s health, we will always seek advice from an expert or refer you and your pet to them.



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