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With more and more exotic species available to the pet-owning public, it is inevitable that many more are turning up in vets’ surgeries when they have problems. We are always interested in seeing more unusual species, and will do our best to find a solution to your pet’s problem, often by contacting an appropriate expert for advice, or, if necessary, referring you and your animal to a specialist in that field. Having said that, we are happy to be a first call centre- it’s only by seeing more unusual pets and doing the according research that we get to learn about them, which is great! In my time I have treated many exotics- from surgically removing a tumour on a 22 year old goldfish, to diagnosing a prolapsed crop in a Giant African land snail, with the help of a specialised snail vet! Nowadays, however, specialist exotic vets have far more advanced knowledge, so sometimes we will refer cases onto them as the situation warrants.


Birds, reptiles, snakes, fish, spiders- we have basic training and knowledge of all these species , although we certainly do not claim to be experts, and we will try to get the best and most comprehensive advice we can in order to treat your pet.


With nearly all birds and exotic species, husbandry is absolutely vital, so make sure you are well informed about the environment and diet your particular pet requires.



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