Quality, professional veterinary care, tailored for you and your pet.


No-one likes to think about their pet’s final days. We all love our pets so much- they are part of our family, and having to make decisions at the end of their life can be very difficult.


We, as pet owners ourselves, fully appreciate how distressing this time can be for you and your family, and we endeavour to make it as stress-free as possible for you and your pet. To this end we have a separate room where you can spend as long as you wish , and can have privacy from other patients and clients. We are happy to spend time talking with you about your concerns and wishes regarding your pet, and any decisions will be unhurried and unforced. You will be afforded as much time and space as you need, and on such occasions we do not insist on immediate payment, so you can leave without having to go back to reception.


We employ the services of a pet crematorium in Larkhall, who collect your animal from us after euthanasia. There are various options you may like to consider. Pets can be cremated individually and their ashes returned to you if you would prefer. Ashes are available to scatter in a favourite spot, or to keep in an urn or casket. If you prefer not to have your pets ashes returned, that is fine. Should you prefer to bury your pet, we will advise you on how to do so safely. The website for the Pet  crematorium is here.


Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to do house visits, but we can put you in touch with other mobile vets who do carry out this service  if you prefer.


We realise that being there at the end of your animal’s life is one of the most important parts of our job, and we want to get it right, for you and your pet.


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