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We opened, on schedule, on 3rd May 2011, after a gruelling 5-week refurbishment. I am proud to be able to say that there were no tradesmen involved- all the work (and there was an awful lot to do!) was done by myself, my husband, my dad, my uncles and various friends, most of whom have very different day jobs to the ones they found themselves embroiled in!


You can read all about the refurbishment  and see some “before” photos here.



Despite my best intentions, its been a while since I updated this section- sorry! As you no doubt know, all our latest news can be found on our facebook page, so check it out! But still, no excuse!


There are lots of changes underway at JIVS! Most of you will have noticed that we have been getting steadily busier. The number of recommendations cited by prospective new clients has overwhelmed me- you, my clients, should be paid an advertising budget! While being busy is great, we don’t want to compromise on the care that made you recommend us in the first place, so we have had to limit new clients at times, to make sure our existing clients can get seen promptly. This has led to disappointment and frustration at times for prospective new clients, which makes me feel bad, but I have always maintained we would stay small, as I know many of you appreciate seeing the same vet. Earlier this year I decided to take on an additonal part time vet, so the lovely Anne works Saturdays and Wednesdays for us now, which has been a huge help! Rhona sadly moved on in September, and I decided to replace her with a full time vet, and Katrina will be joining us in a couple of weeks! This change has meant that we needed another consulting room (so both of us can consult at once, meaning more available appointments), meaning my husband, dad and I were back to the DIY!! We painted, glossed, built furniture and dad wired in two extra computer stations and a second consulting room was born!! Oh but wait- all this extra trafffic means more admin, more patients....so we needed another nurse. Enter Elaine, who has been qualified as an RVN 10 years and will hopefully fill that gap admirably! She joins us in three weeks time. So the team is growing slightly, but the service will improve and the ethos will remain the same. I’m confident our new team members will bring valuable assets to the practice and be a great fit for our team.


So what else is new? As well as painting and decorating, employing staff, plowing through admin duties (yuck!) and going on holiday (needed it!), I have been catching up on some CPD (continuing professional development). You may or may not be aware, but vets are required to carry out a minimum of 35 hours a year doing courses and reading to improve our skills and keep up to date, which is so important in a profession where new evidence and practices emerge regularly. My latest course was on reptile medicine and surgery- a subject I chose after acquiring a tortoise of my own, with whom I have become besotted! I am definitely no expert, but I have learned a fair bit! Our nurses also attend CPD courses on various subjects as a requirement of their qualification, and given that all this has to be done outwith work hours, hopefully it gives you a bit of insight at how dedicated they are to their vocation, and reassures you that your beloved furry (or scaly!) friends are in good hands!


I also wanted to mention our student nurses, at present we have Amy and Ron. These guys do the work of full time nurses, for NO PAY! They also have to fit their studies around their time in practice (and trust me, there is a lot of paperwork- essays, case studies and exams!) We help with their training and in return they help with our practice. We are committed to aid their training, especially given that there, despite so many applicants, vet nursing has a high drop out rate and so there is a shortage of VN s. Please be patient with them when they are trying to deal with phones, clients, animals and everything else!!!


So that’s all our news! But with bonfire night coming up, don’t forget to get organised early if your pets need medications or are fearful. We have info sheets with tips that you can pick up at the surgery, as there are lots of steps you as pet owners can take to reduce the need for medication (see our section on fireworks strategy).


Wishing you all a happy, safe and stress free November 5th!