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SEPT 2020


This year has certainly brought it’s challenges! Obviously the main event has been the arrival of COVID 19 to our lives, and it has had a huge efect on the way we are having to work. We have implemented many changes to try to keep our staff and clients safe. We understand many of these changes will not necessarily be ideal, but there is a real need to do our part to prevent spread and to enable us to keep the surgery open and functioning. AS we are a relatively small practice even one member of our practice contracting COVID could effectively mean temporary closure, due to track and trace, so we are working hard to try to prevent that..


For this reason we have decided to not allow clients into the practice with their pets. We know this is difficult for you, but rest assured your pets will still get all our care and attention when you are not there (and plenty of treats and cuddles!) We have installed a buzzer system so we can talk to you via the camera intercom, then let you into the hallway where you can leave your pet securely. We will examine your animal then call you to discuss their care, so keep your mobile handy! We are using various mobile phones, so it will come up as a private number. When we are finished with your pet we will place him or her, along with any medication, in the hallway again and buzz you in to collect. We have installed a new mobile card reader in there too so you can pay safely without having to enter the main practice and to try to  help keep phone lines free, but you can call to pay over the phone if you  need to. The only exception to this is where we are carrying out euthanasias. We understand that this is a difficult time so we have cleared a room and are allowing one person to come in with the animal. Your pet will be sedated and you can sit with him or her until he or she is fully asleep, then we will take them away for the final injection. We know that this is not ideal, but we feel this is the best way to allow you to be with your pet in their final conscious moments while still protecting everyone.


Because we need at least 2 members of staf f for each consultation, and because we need to use PPE and clean more thoroughly between  each appointment we do have fewer appointments available. We are only booking appointments on the day, to ensure that more urgent cases can still be seen promptly, and that we have staff available.  We appreciate your patience with this and hope to be able to do more as we become accustomed to the new way of working. We are still doing operations and dental treatments, but again are not booking too far in advance to accommodate emergencies. We have a list of routine operations that we are working our way through and again appreciate your patience.


Regarding booster vaccinations, many are overdue to the initial lockdown, but we are trying hard to work our way through them to ensure that your animals’ immunity isn’t compromised. The vaccine manufacturers assure us that we have at least a 3 month window where we don’t need to worry. We ask that you call us and we will add you to our list and we will call you to arrange a time to suit.


Because appointments are limited the nurses will initially get a vet to call you, so we can ascertain if your pet needs to come down to the surgery and when, or whether we can prescribe something over the telephone. Even if you feel that your pet needs seen these telephone consultations are useful, because the vet can get all the relevant history from you so that when your pet does come down we already have that information, so the system runs more smoothly. Vets calling from mobile phones allows us to leave our main phone lines  open, as we appreciate these can get very busy.  We are using e-mail (julieinnesvets@gmail.com) too, so you can send us pictures and updates.


Medication can be ordered as before, and collected via the buzzer system. It does help us keep the phone lines clear if you can pay when you collect them via the card machine in the hallway.


We do understand that all this is frustrating at times, and we really do appreciate your patience. We are working really really hard to ensure that we can continue to provide great care and service for you. As this means no breaks for us during the day we have reduced our hours currently to 9-5 Monday to Friday and 9-12 on Saturdays to try to prevent staff burn out. Often we have buzzers and phones all going at once, while also trying to deal with animals in the surgery, so bear with us! Hopefully we will get back to some kind of normality in the not-too-distant future, but in the meantime we need to adapt. We are not accepting new clients at the moment as we are so busy and we need to look after the clients we already have, so apologies to anyone who has not been able to register. We look forward to the day when we emerge from the other side of this and can welcome everyone back in!



Best wishes