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These are some of our pets- we just shamelessly want to show them off! We know your pets are equally as important to you, and we will endeavour to treat them as we would our own. There are many reasons you might bring your pet to us, and we’ve detailed some of the more common ones below


These were my lovely beagles, both sadly gone now. Murphy was 16, and Biddy Boo was 13! Having lost them both in the last few years I can sympathise with owners who are at the stage of having to say goodbye to their beloved pet.


This is our very first patient, Cody! Isn’t he cute?!


This was how my boys looked when I first got them at 1 day old! We hand reared them and they are now big handsome cats!


This is Lizzie, my border collie. Liz came to us after failing as a sheepdog! She loves nothing more than lying by the fire and getting cuddles, but adores her walks too! As a working dog she didn’t really know how to play when we got her last October, but she is learning, with the help of the kids and Swiper!

In addition to this lot I have 2 rabbits, Rambo and Maggie and my daughter has 2 rat scalled Apollo and Hermes.





This is Diggle, my adorable tortoise! He is very cute and very sassy! Owning him has opened my eyes to the challenges of owning a reptile, but has also made me learn all about it.