Quality, professional veterinary care, tailored for you and your pet.


In the event of an emergency through the day, call us. If you phone us before you come down, we can be ready for you, and it will speed the treatment we can give your pet. We will always prioritise emergency cases.


After hours, we have a dedicated out-of-hours service at Vets Now at Charing Cross

The phone no is 0141 530 5812/ 0141 237 7676

And this is a link to their website where you will find directions and other information. An out-of-hours consult costs £134 before 11pm and £166.99 after 11pm


We understand that it is stressful when your pet has an emergency out of hours, and that you might prefer to see your own vet. However, we are confident that you will get a better service by arranging cover with a dedicated out-of-hours service, where the vets are fresh and well equipped to deal with urgent situations.



Some common emergencies:


Road traffic accidents

Acute vomiting and diarrhoea

Injury (eg cuts and wounds, bites from other animals)




Click on these for some advice on first aid, but all these emergencies should be presented to a vet as soon as possible