Quality, professional veterinary care, tailored for you and your pet.


We took over our current premises at the end of March 2011, and have worked hard to turn it into a centre for excellent veterinary care. All our modifications were made with our future patients (and their families!) in mind, and we hope we have succeeded in creating a clean, pleasant and practical environment. We aim to be able to provide the best service possible, so we have ensured that we have all the facilities we need to do so

If you have visited before, you will be familiar with our waiting room. Here you will meet our nurse or receptionist. We have 2 separate areas where you  can wait, ensuring that there is less stress for anxious animals, and no fights break out!. We endeavour to see you at your appointment time, but if we are running late we will inform you, and invite you to some magazines and a cup of coffee. We hope you will not ever have too long to wait in our waiting area, but if you do we hope you and your pet can be relaxed and comfortable

The consulting area is where I get to know you and your pet. Here I can carry out a full examination of your pet, and chat to you about whatever is worrying you

Our second consulting room is there for nurse clinics, but also for those of you who might need a bit more time and privacy

Our X-ray room is where we take and process quality radiographic images of your pet, with modern quality equipment. We also now have a brand new ultrasound  machine which gives us a great view of all your pets’ organs!

Our kennel room is where your friend will stay while in with us. We have various sizes of kennels to suit your pet and we keep them clean and comfortable , and try to keep dogs and cats apart, to save stress. We have facilities to isolate animals as necessary too.

In our preparation area, we carry out minor procedures and prepare your pet for any surgical operations. We also have our laboratory here, which allows us to have blood and urine results available to you more quickly. We carry out dental procedures here too, using pretty much the same equipment your own dentist does!

Finally, our operating theatre. This is where we carry out all our surgical procedures, so we keep it neat and clean. We use modern anaesthetics, which minimise any complications or side-effects.


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