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My name is Julie Innes, and I am the veterinary surgeon. I was born in Hamilton and lived here until I went to Edinburgh (Dick) Vet School, where I qualified as a BVM&S in 1995. It’s been a circuitous route back to Hamilton for me, as I worked in Ayrshire (where I did farm work as well), then Dunfermline, then Glasgow. I moved back to Hamilton in 2006, and have been working in Clarkston for the past ten years. I have 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 rats, 2 rabbits and a tortoise in addition to my 3 boisterous children, so life is never dull!

This is Anna , our head veterinary nurse! She  qualified as an RVN from Telford in 2012. Anna has worked at the Cat Protectiion and at the Lion reserve in South Africa!! She has a special talent with angry cats (and Harris adores her- bonus!). As well as virtually running the practice, she also runs nursing clinics- puppy checks, weight clinics, nail clips, post-op checks and stitch removals.


This is Christine, who works part-time for us, in various roles! Christine has fully trained as a vet nurse, but having children and becoming a busy mum got in the way of her getting her final qualification! She has her own menagerie of animals to attend to in her spare time, and is also an  accomplished singer. As well as her nursing skills, she is also a dab hand at DIY, so don’t worry if you see her with a screwdriver instead of a stethoscope at times!

Jen  is a qualified vet nurse who job shares with Christine.  In her time off she has her hands full with  her little boys and her own animals, including her horse. She is on maternity leave at the moment, but we hope she will be back with us in the near future!


In addition to these lovely ladies, we have Antonia and Kirstin(I will pin you down for a photo, girls!) who work on Saturdays. Antonia is studying veterinary medicine herself, and Kirsten is hoping to go on to study as a vet next year. You may also meet various student nurses when you visit, as we are an auxiliary training centre for Edinburgh College, Napier and Telford.


Now, no list of our staff would be complete without mention of THE BOSS. This is Harris. He lives in the surgery (but comes home with me at weekends) and as far as he is concerned, he owns the place. We try hard not to cross him, and advise our clients to follow suit! We love him dearly, but, despite being 15 years old and blind in one eye, he still has a mean right hook! Beware!